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LON0261 - Jonathan

City: London
Age: 24
Height: 165cm
Weight: 70kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, Wavy
Other: Football, Basketball, Drums, Singing, Dancing, merit in musical Theatre at Lewisham College
Musical/Dance: Dance
Previous Experience: Extra in Samuell Bentas "Perceptions" Extra in All About The Mckenzies TV show on London Live, Producer Samuell Benta. With the ChickenShed Theatre Company I have appeared in The Night Before Christmas; 2013 Summer show Unsettled, an interactive show; 2013 Spring Show Globaleyes; 2012 Christmas show Sleeping Beauty Dream On - as a hippy back in the 1970s; I have also appeared at Catford Broadway Theatre singing in the HoloCrust Memorial; I was the main character in a radio play called Johns Cakes; I played the Tin man in The Wizard Of Oz at Bromley College; I sang in Londons Burning, about the riots, at Lewisham College; I acted in The Beauty Manifesto, about celebrities getting plastic surgery; I danced in Cinderella and I auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2010
Profile Last Updated: 24-03-2018 01:00:01