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Aardvark Gauteng & Seal Team 8 Production

Aardvark Casting Gauteng has succesfully secured the extas casting for the Film Africa, Seal Team 8 production being shot in Muldersdrift and Pretoria. Street casting took place in Diepsloot and rural communities in Pretoria.

We have taken it upon ourselves to implement a "Social Upliftment" program and yesterday saw the Aardvark Team go into the Westford Community in Pretoria and select characters for the production. The casting will offer the community a R35 000 job opportunity over two days of filming.

On a personal note: I had the priviledge in meeting a remarkable lady called Rosie who runs the day care centre in Westford for the last nine years. The Thando Nursery School has no running water and electricity and with all it's challenges still manages to look after and educate 102 children! Rosie is truly a remarkable woman!




30 May 2013
Written by: Steve Jordaan

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