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Introducing Aardvark Casting

Founded in 2009, Aardvark casting was created as a safe reputable casting house for students who attended the Helen O’Grady Drama, at the request of many parents who were confused by the minefield of finding representation for their children in the industry. As these students had extensive training in theatre arts and production techniques the reputation of Aardvark Casting quickly spread through the casting industry as a specialist for talented accomplished young talent.

Fuelled by this success we extended our base to include adult talent for the many adults who wished to join a safe and secure casting agency. Over the years we have worked with many of the large production houses including – Farm Films, CLMBBDO Paris, Orange Films, McCann Group, Moonlighting, Ogilvy and Red Lobster.

Our talent has appeared in many blockbuster movies as both extras and walk on parts and many commercials over the years including: Coca Cola , BBC News, Tropicana , Out Insurance and Woolworths. We are especially proud of our work in finding young actors to work with international actors for live theatre – perhaps most notably the run of “Waiting for Godot at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town.

Our branches are found throughout South Africa and the UK and this helps provide huge resources for production houses especially those doing multi location shoots in both regions.

We are always looking for new talent and if you feel you are flexible and committed to attend castings and shoots then why not register online to start the process.

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